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Handyman - Repair & Construction

I focus on quality and doing the job so that it will last.- I'm not a quick-fix symptom-only person.

---->Got a tiler who would not finish something that required some ingenuitive carpentry? Got a plumber who left a mess for the wall guys?

----> Had a contractor who only wanted to do the massive account but not attend to the finish work of your place and whose incompleteness is driving you nuts every time you see it?

I can do repairs and small builds:

*carpentry, rough and finish







*audio and visual


*roofing repairs, gutter replacement

(Sorry, no painting.)

Drip Irrigation Installation
When and where greywater installation is not applicable or chosen, I can custom install a drip irrigation system for you. Drip systems are efficient such that it applies water directly to the plants you choose and at a rate that will not flood past the roots before a plant has a chance to utilize needed water.
Grey Water System Installation
This means using the perfectly good drain water from the clothes washer, shower, sink, and more to hydrate your plants / landscape. This water will otherwise go through (your) expense of city water treatment plants before going out to sea.
We are in an increasing water shortage.
Gain more peace of mind by having a system installed. In the long run save both money and our resources.