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From teen to adult, I have been driven to solve the unique challenges of repairs and to provide custom solutions.

In my teens, I was carpenter's apprentice as well as furniture refinisher.  Later, I became the builder and fixer at the highly staffed Tassajara Bakery in San Francisco. From that launching point, I put in many years as commercial building fixer and maintainer for several fairly large businesses. All the while, I supplemented this with residential carpentry and plumbing apprenticeships. And Further, I also had jewelry apprenticeships and lots of technical training (read; attention to detail). Then, I also expanded my repertoire to landscape irrigation, as well as greywater installation. I recently became certified installer after an intensive course led by GreywaterAction in association with GreenCactus. I continue to attend workshops and even assistant teach when available. And, I continue to serve most of my time as residential handyman, attending to the special needs of each homeowner.

    -- >   In all this time, I have learned to apply many trades with a mindfulness not to repeat the mistakes of the specialist tradesmen before me.

I want to provide a custom solution for you that transforms from challenging to successful and pleasant.

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