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I encourage people with inquiries to   text   me.  ---- I am usually out "in the field" on projects. Responses to text will be more immediate.

------ Can I repeat this?  ------- TEXTING (or calling) is much faster than email. I am a one man operation whose clients depend on me to working on their home --not on prospectives/calls... on your dime.  

Though true that emails help for relaying detailed information and photographs, I'm more at the jopb sites than at the screen.  

But it is also extremely helpful to have a written list of projects with as much detail as comfortably possible. 

This list will help me to prepare what to bring and get -- And also potentially make it cheaper for you!

Further, this helps you keep track of the various needs, if even to shop out other prospective handypersons / options.

          ... Hey, what's that text above about the phone?              Eh.   Couldn't be that important.                          ........    ....     ..   Could it?

The following is really best appropriate after we have made contact.

.... follow up texts, ...or phone messages.

 As a one-man operation on many small jobs, reminders help to tailor special tools and materials for specific projects.

A benefit to small business rapport is tailored help.

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