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Here is about me:



Tradesman with 20 years of experience in all aspects of structural building - from foundation to finishing work, appliance and mechanical repairs, (and some years of irrigation and graywater services).  

-- Have the same person you contract with be the same person who does the job! --            


Specific abilities and experience include:

  • Custom finishwork for all phases of windows, doors, crown moldings, baseboard, and cabinetry.
  • Rough framing with competence in structural and weather demands.
  • Installation and repair of electrical wiring, outlets, lighting, appliances and home entertainment systems.
  • Installation and repair of fresh water plumbing to various devices: irrigation systems, water filters, hot water heaters and appliances.
  • Sufficient knowledge of plumbing, electrical, & structural codes to be able to complete all basic tasks in compliance with local codes.
  • Installation of greywater systems.



Please note that I charge an hourly rate plus materials.  

  • $45 per hour. Extended jobs can lower rate.
  • $155 work visit minimum includes rebate* & gets you 4 hours of service.
  • Materials are charged at retail cost. - no mark-up.

 *Bidding on a job will depend on the circumstance and void** rebates, as bidding is 2 hours free anyway... - **Unless the project lasts 3 or more days.


Save $25 on first acquaintance projects lasting only a half a day or more

Save $50 on first acquaintance project greater than one full day.